Our abode is a storehouse of various marvellous activities which brings out the real jovial you from the stressful you. We host a plethora of recreational activities to make you laugh to the core and have all the fun and thrills. Please note that all our adventures are coupon based and each coupon is worth Rs.50/-.Here is the list of our adventure activities:


Sliding down a zipline will be great fun for anyone who is crazy about adventure. At Odyssey, we have engaging zipline activity of 250 meters for just 3 coupons. As it is a thrilling activity of soaring through the air at high speeds, we ensure all the safety in zipline activity at our resort. The minimum weight allowed is 40 kg and the maximum is 120 kg.


An adventure activity of bouldering a rock face with the help of ropes and other equipment definitely adds to your enjoyment. Indulge in rappelling under the strict supervision of our trained instructors for just one coupon.

Wall Climbing

It Is An Activity Need To Climb Up, Down Or Across On Artificial Wall.

Funky Monkey

Welcome to a fun-filled entertainment to laugh yourselves to the full brim. Let us transform ourselves into funky monkeys for some time and have all the fun. We have an exciting Funky Monkey recreational activity at our place for just one coupon where you have to ascend and move around in the crown of a 40 ft coconut tree.

Sky Cycling

Sway in the air for the adventurer in you. At Odyssey, we give you the best sky cycling experience of 100 metres for just 3 coupons. Enjoy the thrill of riding your bicycle on the rope suspended in the air absorbing all the scenic beauty around you. The minimum weight allowed for this activity is 40 kg and the maximum is 100 kg. This activity is meant for those above 12 years.

Flying Fox

Most people love to fly like birds. If you are one such kind, do join our Flying Fox activity of 250 meters for just Rs.250/-. On this, you are harnessed to a rope with all the safety gears in place. Let us have some adrenaline rush on your nerves by transforming ourselves into flying foxes! The minimum weight allowed is 40 kg and the maximum is 100 kg. This activity is meant for those above the age of 12 years.

High Rope Course

High-rope course is program that generally focus on personal achievements and ask participants to confront their fears and anxieties. There are a set of 10 physical challenges in the high rope course of Odyssey Retreat which is available to you for just 2 coupons.

Low Rope Course

It is high time for some teamwork now. Join our series of physically challenging activities that require a high degree of skill and commitment. The low rope course structure at Odyssey is blended with the natural environment and is accessible to you with just one coupon for a set of 10 activities. The challenges are all about moving across platforms, obstacles and bridges.


Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity.

Bubble Soccer

We pit you against a friend or stranger and the aim of the game is to knock the other person down / make a goal. It’s a lot of fun bumping around and falling and bouncing back again.It’s a buoyant experience you would hate to miss.

Fish Spa

At Odyssey, we have the best natural pedicure facility in the form of a fish spa. You’ll be seated at the side of a small pool with a liquid applied to your feet. A lot of special kinds of fish called Garra Rufa would rush towards your feet to kiss you.

Water Roller

Water roller is an exciting activity for all age groups. It involves getting into a large inflatable ball that allows you to walk, run, jump and dance on the surface of the water without getting wet. The wonderful recreational activity of rolling in water inside the giant 66-foot sphere makes you completely refreshed. This activity enables you to rock & roll across the water.

Bottle Shooting

Shooting targets or objects in various forms and shapes using Paint filled rifle.

Ring Game

The Ring Tossing Game encourages getting off the couch and interacting with friends while also perfecting eye-hand coordination. Great for adults, teens, and kids, this exciting game can be enjoyed by all.This ring toss game excellent little game will help children develop and improve their co ordination skills.