Let the kids have all the fun

Kids Corner

Our resort is one of the best kid-friendly resorts in Bengaluru. We have a very vast spectrum of space for kids’ entertainment alone which provides them with a recreationally safe and secure environment along with the scope of their overall mental development.

Kids Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are inevitable for the overall development of children but unfortunately, they are missing out in today’s scenario. At Odyssey, we provide the kids with an excellent outdoor play area with a wide variety of outdoor games set specially to bring out the charm in them. Let our outdoor game arena enhance the motor skills of your kids and boost their physical stamina and fitness.

Kids Indoor Games

We have a very carefully and wonderfully set indoor play area for kids. The games set here enhance their social skills, set room for creativity and bring out entirely new experiences for them. Through our indoor play arena, we provide your little ones with mental and physical stimulation in a safe environment. This challenges kids to practice creativity, imagination, and exploration which is helpful for their long-term cognitive skills and brain development. 

Kids Pool

Swimming pools are inevitable elements of any resort. A dip in the cool pool would wash out all your stresses and make you ready to enjoy all the amenities, activities and sustenance provided to you in the resort. Odyssey is unique with a wave pool here where you can play with the tides in the safest and most secure environment. It really brings out the kid in you. The kid’s pool attached to our wave pool is specially created for the fun of children.