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Games are structured forms of play involving physical exercise. Indoor games are meant to fight boredom when you happen to stay indoors. Outdoor games are a form of backyard fun. At Odyssey, we have two types of indoor games that will make you active and entertaining. We have arrangements to play table tennis and carroms to freshen you up. We do provide a variety of outdoor games for your recreational enjoyment. We have specially catered courts for badminton, cricket and basketball as well as constructed facilities for tug of war. So just try your hands on these:

Indoor Games

Table Tennis

Being a perfect game for hand-eye coordination, table tennis stimulates your reaction ability. At Odyssey, we have a well-set table tennis arrangement. When you become part of this popular indoor game, you can see your senses becoming more active and thus helps a lot in receiving our amenities as well as engaging in our adventure activities. Come, play and enjoy.


Being a highly accessible indoor family game, carroms are the most preferred game at any place for a group enjoying an idling. It is probably the most commonly played indoor game and almost all people know how to play it. We have a carrom board arranged at our resort to engage you. As an easy-to-play, multiplayer game, you’ll greatly enjoy it. Come and experience.

Outdoor Games

Half Court Basketball

Smaller outdoor basketball courts are termed half-court basketball courts. It is a popular variation of the basketball game and is suitable in limited spaces for fewer players. It takes place on half of a regulation full court and we have a beautifully designed half-court basketball court at Odyssey.

Emcee Games

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Cricket is the most preferred, highly valued bat and ball game played for enjoyment. At Odyssey, we have a wonderful facility to improve your cricket skills. Engage in the game of cricket with your buddies at our outdoor playground. Our magnificent landscape provides perfect spaces to play cricket for all outdoor sports lovers.

Human Foosball

Most of you must have played an interesting foosball game indoors. But here at Odyssey, you have the opportunity to play human foosball at a life-size foosball set-up. Human foosball is a life-sized take on table football or foosball. This fascinating outdoor game aims to inculcate team spirit and coordination among you. Do join and experience it.


Badminton is a popular backyard fun game for leisure and fun. Outdoor badminton is officially termed AirBadminton and we have a specially designed badminton court at Odyssey Retreat. It is always fun at our outdoor playground to enjoy the favourite recreational game of India.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a sport that pits two teams against each other in a test of strength. It is a decisive contest in which two teams pull against each other at opposite ends of a rope. This is a highly recommended team game of fun that you’ll enjoy to the core and we have a well-set tug-of-war court at our outdoor playground.