Talent & Teamwork together
win championships

Chosen set of team-building activities to ease the stress of corporate life.

You achieve more when
you are in a team

A special set of team-building activities for students for their overall development.

We are smarter when
we are a team

A wide range of team building activities for bringing out the team spirit among friends.

Teamwork is the core of
every great achievement

Remarkably amazing team-building activities for enticing the family groups.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Team Outing

The biggest strength of a team is its team members and the strength of each team member is the team itself. We have exciting team building activities at Odyssey where you develop the skills of concentration, coordination and communication.

Corporate Team Outing

Team building is inevitable for the success of any business endeavours. We have amazing team-building games for corporate teams.

Corporate Team Outing

Students Team Outing

Success is the sum of team efforts and such efforts are greatly seen among students. We have wonderful team-building games specially for students.

Students Team Outing

Friends Team Outing

Friends bring out the best in us. Crazy friends plus good times create amazing memories. We have the best team games specially for our friend steam.

Friends Team Outing

Team Building Activities


Our team building games start with a simple clap game which catches the attention of guests towards the activity zone. This activity of about 5-10 minutes duration enhances the concentration of the team members.

Jump In Jump Out

This is an activity to check whether the participants are alert in the game zone. With a duration of 5-10 minutes, ‘jump in, jump out’ is a very simple task to retain the concentration of the team members.

Position A to B

This is a simple activity to check the coordination of the team members. Position A to B game has a lot of hidden fun and thus demands perfect coordination among the team members.

Human Knot

This is a much more complex activity among the team building games with a lot of difficulties and challenges. Coordination is must for effective completion of this human knot activity.

River Stratergies

This game is an advanced version of the rock-paper-scissors game. River strategies are mind reading games where the team focuses on mind reading and develops strategies to confuse the opponents. 


This game is more of a conscious team building type which is very challenging. Key punch helps in better understanding of the team members, enhances communication and the value of time management.

Pressure Cooker

This is a very simple game but requires a lot of mind calculations. Pressure cooker game helps in better understanding of the team members as well as contribute to sharing knowledge and team coordination.

Tic Tak Toe

This is a classic game which contributes to the developmental growth of the team members. Tic Tac Toe game helps in developing predictability, spatial reasoning, problem solving, hand eye coordination and strategizing.

Longest Chain

This is a very interesting team building game. In this longest chain game, players need to build the longest chain possible using the belongings which they have at time of game.

Pass The Ball

This is another exciting game. Players need to pass the ball without touching it but should carry the ball on props provided to them. The participants can take as many attempts as they want. There will be different types of ball with different points.

Hands and Legs

This game begins simply and then moves to complexities. In the hands and legs game, the participants should be able to present the number of hands and legs on ground as said by the facilitator. As the game progresses, the combinations become more complex.