Dip yourself in the pools of joy


Swimming pools adorn any resort and without a pool, resort life is incomplete. The swimming pools at Odyssey require special mention. We have here a swimming pool, which turns into a wave pool at special times. We do have pools specially designed for the kids to enjoy swimming safely.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Odyssey is very extensive. You get refreshed by taking a nice dip in our cool pool. We use a pumping system to keep the water in the pool free of dirt, debris and bacteria. You can swim and have all the fun in our hygienic swimming pool.

Wave Pool

We have a specially designed wave pool at our place for your enjoyment. We know how exciting it would be for you to play with the tides of pleasure. You can really enjoy swimming along with the playful tides.

Kids Pool

We have a kid’s pool adjacent to our swimming pool, which is of great fulfilment to children. The pool is adorned with some colourful slides around so kids can have both the enjoyment of swimming and sliding.

Rain Dance with Inhouse DJ

Dancing is a beautiful form of recreation. And when it is dancing in the rain, it brings more joy. At Odyssey, we have a wonderful rain dance setup where you can prance to the music played by our in-house DJ. This dancing brings out the charm in you and lets you enjoy all the amenities with a positive and refreshed mind.